A Man Living Apart From His World
by Paul E Puryear

"...There was a time when the sun shone upon his face
      and the song of the night sang sweetly in his ears..."

A Man Living Apart From His World is an account, told in narrative fiction of a contemporary, yet somewhat uncommon, man living at the passage of the last millennium into the new.

Each chapter in the work is a mini-story unto itself. Most, but not all, move the reader along through the work, like a passsage down a river. The bulk of this work covers, in variations & derivations, two principle themes - Love and War. But it is neither the commonplace love story nor the typical tale of war. This work reads much like a novel, but it is not. Though a work of fiction, the stories told in these chapters are inspired by real people and events. Names of persons and places have been changed or (when necessary) omitted altogether. Authors get to play God. The story told in any chapter may or may not have transpired in the real world the same as is presented in my account. It's my story, I get to tell it my way.

It is a story about luck. Incredible, undeserved luck. And sometimes luck unrecognized until in the past tense. Luck one cannot determine rhyme nor reason for. Sometimes one just gets lucky.
The Love Story, weaving through this work like a thread one cannot find the end of, is about what can go wonderfully right and terribly wrong - simultaneously - between two people who chance upon each other and find they are the perfect match.
The chapters dealing with War are not about the Homeric, heroic, flag-waving big wars. But the dirty little wars which don't get coverage on the front page of the newspaper, if mentioned at all.
A few chapters are merely scenes from life, small vignettes. Some are banal & venal, some sweet & tender, some rough, some philosophical. Each is a self-contained tale.
The principal character starts at the beginning of this work and the reader follows along with him through the events and acts he takes part in, or is witness to. He is the connecting thread to all the other characters (and storylines) in this work.
My work is a lot about luck and love. If you have one, you will find you've got the other. This book is about trying to grow as a human being, often in situations impeding that growth. It's about questions, lots of questions. Whether one gets the answers. And if one has to sort through competing answers in a search for the truth. It's about anger & hatred, and failing to be the best person one can be. It is - also - about forgiveness & redemption, about personal responsibility & making decisions (often when faced with only the option of a selection of the "worst" choices) and, in the end, about trying to do that which is right - no matter the cost.
A cautionary note. This work is not for everyone and I do not claim it to be. I deal in situations involving adults. While there is no gratuitous sex in this work, where sex is appropriate to the story it is covered.
Likewise, while I do not deal in gore, I do not shy away from a complete depiction of the actions and consequences of violence. And there is rough and frank language. So be advised.
There are sample paragraphs from some chapters detailed on the "Selections" Page.

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I hope you will take a look at my book. More importantly, I hope you can find something in it you like, find interesting and/or illuminating. I wrote what I wanted to write here, not what someone told me to write or told me would sell. I enjoyed writing this work. I hope you find it as enjoyable to read as it was for me to create.

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