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New Writings and Other Creative Stuff

As of 5/22/2022 -

Anyone reading this who has any kind of active life at all will understand when I paraphrase the line from John LENNON's song "Beautiful Boy" that:

 "... Life is what happens, while one is making other plans..."

My life is proof of that axiom's truth. I've had many other matters to attend, both personal & professional. I have been working

I have created two series of photographic artwork. When I get the opportunity and figure out how to work the system here I will add them to the Photo Art Page.

Finished My "Magnum Opus Part I." Working on Parts II & III. 

Also, have several paintings (oil & acrylic) I am trying to add to my site ( having problems) - two screenplays, a couple of short stories and a "Great American Novel"

All in some stage of development.

Trying to get my "Contrarian" Blog/YouTube Video concept up and running. Constantly think of new ideas/projects, jot down notes, scribble off some passage or two. 

Still trying to get out in the country. Much has gotten in the way so far. Buy the land, build the place. Get my butt out there.

Inspired by the example of members of my family I will have a blog site up with pictures & information about my land& house progress, once I have anything to report.

Soon as I have my blog up & running I will note that information here - Paul 5-21-22. 

It is difficult to get things done when one is as lazy as I can be...




Readings, Book Signings, Speeches, Etc.

I will update this section to keep you in the loop...