Selected Readings
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Selections from -

"A Man Living Apart From His World "


* - These are passages (paragraphs)taken fromn various Chapters -

"They sat there. He with his coffee and cream, She with her glass of iced tea. Sitting there so much in love it was almost impossible for either of them to contain themselves. The two of them, so close to reaching critical mass together they were afraid to touch. Fearing the contact might set off sparks which would cause them to explode into a frenzy of passion...
They sat there and looked at each other. For several minutes just looking, not speaking. Sizing each other up. Sitting there in their business attire. Sipping, oh so genteelly, their drinks. Yet looking at each other like two circling carnivores. Meat-eaters waiting to strike, waiting to pounce. Hungry for the attack. Their hunger was the passion burning inside each of them for the other.


"He charged the detonator and then drove the plunger down. At first nothing... Nothing at all. Then after what seemed far too long a time, explosions started to erupt at the far end of the dock district... Yes - here - he and his little band of fallen angels had ruled. Even if for just one afternoon. They had their devilish play. And set the world, at least the world that was within their perview and control, on fire... He thought about his conversation earlier in the day with Rene, regarding Milton's Satan declaring 'it is better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven'..."


"She was asking. 'What do you want?' She wanted to know the desire in him he sought to fulfill which would have nothing to do with anything beyond his own satisfaction, gain, profit, carnal instincts, leisure, or pleasure. She knew if he answered the question truthfully she was his and he was hers."


"Happy endings. Happy endings are hard to come by. Happy endings are for fairy tales. Happy ending can be bought at the movies. But in real life they are rare...Having said that, however, sometimes you just get lucky...and he, perhaps, most of all."


"... The cat was making his rounds, pacing thoughout the house doing his tour of duty on watch. The cat upon entering the study made just enough noise to alert him to the fact that the cat, the watch, had entered the room. But, not enough to disturb his work. The cat who thought he was a dog. And he and the dog didn't have the heart to tell the cat he wasn't."


"The small group of French mercenaries pushed on. They were surprised the vegetation was this lush. At this altitude they expected a somewhat less tropical foliage and easier swifter movement. They did not have time for delays. They had a rendezvous to make and it was in their best interest to be there. On time for extraction."

"Any Regrets?"
"No, no regrets. How can one have regrets about finding someone so wonderful, so perfect? And tell me - how can one ever, ever, have regrets about falling in love?"



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