by Paul E Puryear


"And, now the sun sinks lower
The fires of Vanquished Valhalla burn brighter
Yet dimmer
Yet dearer
Forever to burn in my heart"


This work is a collection of poetry I have written. It is a ring-bound volume and contains 89 poems. As I had the web site established, I thought I would offer - for those who would like to consider such a collection - this work.

My poetry is personal. Many critics,"so-called" experts, say poerty to be any good must be universal - not personal. Well, I agree with the Meg Ryan character in the movie "You've Got Mail," when she says "No matter whatever else it should be, it should always be personal!"

My work pretty much runs the gamut. Most of the poems are love poems. Poems designed to win a woman or tell a woman how incredbile I thought she was. Or to sing the praises of a woman I lost, about whom I could still appreciate the beauty of the person she was, had been & about my time with her.

However I also have several poems not about love nor romance. I write about all sorts of situations. Some of my poems are commentaries, some philosophical. Some are written to family and friends concerning their lives and my relationship to them. Some are about the tenderest of emotions, some are about violence.

If you like poetry give it a look. You might find something of interest. You may find a poem relating to a situation you have experienced. Perhaps you will find a poem or two (hopefully more) speaking to you, making you laugh, touching your heart or setting you to thinking. I hope you will give this compilation a look and that you find something pleasing to you.

As with my work of fiction, I am an adult writing for an adult market. I deal in situations at times some might consider inappropriate for children.

Valhalla: A Compilation of Poems I offer
 for $6.

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