Paul Eldon Puryear


"Howdy!" My name is Paul Eldon Puryear.
I am the owner of PEP Books LLC and this website ( and the self-published author of the two works - a work of fiction "A Man Living Apart From His World" and a collections of Poems "Valhalla - A Compilation of Poems."
I will write here as if I am speaking directly to you, in the first person, in a conversation. I detest talking in the third person about myself as if I am: not in the room, a small child or dead.
Born in Houston Texas in 1950, I am a graduate of Texas A&M University (BS degree in Psychology). I also have an MBA in Systems Analysis (emphasis on Databases) from University of Texas, Arlington. And as I like to say "am perpetually six hours short of an MA degree in Political Science."
I served in the United States Marine Corps (both Active Duty & Reserves).
I have traveled over a big hunk of the world and every state in the United States with the exception of Alaska. Most of my travel outside of the U.S. has been work-related. Excepting for work and the occasional vacation I have resided in Texas.
As I like to say "I live and try to write here in Texas."
And as I joke with people "... God got to choose, I had to take whatever was left over. He chose to reside in Heaven and I was left with Texas. Lucky for me, God made the wrong choice..."